Wrightsville Beach Dog Rules, North Carolina | New Laws 2024

Wrightsville Beach is a pet-friendly beach and a great place to have fun with friends, family, and pets. Their dog-friendly atmosphere allows your best friends to have a gala time at the beach. The Wrightsville beach dog rules ensure safety for all visitors in town.

The town of Wrightsville is located in New Hanover County, North Carolina, United States. Leisure and wellness activities remain at the center of this quaint beach destination.

Dog Friendly Wrightsville Beach NC
Dog-Friendly Wrightsville Beach, NC

Wrightsville Beach New Dog Rules, Policies, and Laws

  • In Wrightsville Beach, All dogs are to be leashed.
  • Dog owners should clean up after their dogs and properly dispose of the waste in available trash cans. There are several stations around the beach with complimentary dog waste bags.
  • They don’t allow dogs on the Beach strand from September 30th to April 1st.
  • Leashed dogs are allowed on the beach from October 1 – March 31.
  • All dog or pet owners in Wrightsville staying here for more than 15 days must get a pet permit.
  • Violations of any pet laws of Wrightsville Beach will result in a fine of $250 for a first-time offense.

Wrightsville Beach Dog Permit

All residents and visitors of Wrightsville Beach need to register their pets if their stay exceeds 15 days. The permit period is from January 1 to December 31. Each permit costs $10 and is issued from Town Hall.

Details of your pet, including their age, breed, color, sex, legal residence, etc., must be provided. Permits are issued from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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How to Reach Wrightsville Beach

The easiest way to reach Wrightsville Beach via air is by flying to Wilmington International Airport. It’s located at a distance of 10 miles. The town of Wrightsville Beach is also easily accessible by car. Most tourists come down here by driving themselves or renting a car.

Wrightsville Dog Beach
Wrightsville Dog Beach

About Dog-Friendly Wrightsville Beach, NC

Wrightsville Beach is one of the best Dog-friendly Beaches in North Carolina. There are many condos and cozy beach houses available for rentals in Wrightsville. Some are beside the beach, while others are near the ocean or harbor.

  • Parking: Wrightsville Beach has more than 1,600 meters of parking space available. Paid parking is enforced from March 1 through October 31 for $5.00 per hour or $25 per day.
  • Dog-friendly restaurants: Wrightsville Beach is a vast animal-loving community. Hence, there are many dog-friendly restaurants here. South Beach Grill, Poe’s Tavern, Oceanic, Zeke’s Beans and Bowls, and Sundays are the few dog-friendly restaurants here.
  • Rentals: There are many pet-friendly rentals available as well. E.g.:- Bryant Real Estate, Gale Winds, etc. These rentals are fully furnished with outdoor decks or grill areas, a stocked kitchen, high-speed internet, and clean supplies.
  • Beach hours: The Wrightsville Beach Park remains open from 6 am to 8 pm.

Things to do at the Wrightsville Beach

  • Wrightsville Beach has a lot of activities for tourists to enjoy. Water Sports like surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, scuba diving, etc., can be done in the magnificent ocean.
  • Opt for cruise tours or charter a boat for deep-sea fishing. Go for a trek on the well-known Loop of Wrightsville Beach.
  • You can also rent bicycles to explore the island in an eco-friendly way.
  • There are museums and educational centers to learn more about the town and life.
  • It’s also a shopper’s paradise. Several shops in the town center sell souvenirs and other attractive articles.

Wrightsville Beach Rules, NC

  • Smoking is disallowed on the beach.
  • Littering is prohibited in the ocean premises.
  • Leaving beach equipment overnight is forbidden.
  • Glass containers are disallowed on the beach.
  • Beachgoers must fill the holes created by them before leaving the beach.
  • Grilling and portable gas stoves are forbidden on the beach.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is disallowed.
  • Fireworks and camping are forbidden.
Wrightsville Beach Dog Rules
Wrightsville Beach Dog Rules

Are dogs allowed on Wrightsville Beach?

Dogs are allowed on Wrightsville Beach from October 1 to March 31.

When are dogs allowed on Wrightsville beach?

Dogs are allowed at Wrightsville Beach after 5 pm throughout the year.

Why is Wrightsville Beach so popular?

The scenic beauty and numerous tourist attractions, such as water sports, delicious seafood, shopping centers, and vibrant nightlife, made Wrightsville Beach a popular holiday destination.

Is Wrightsville Beach free?

Wrightsville Beach is open to the public free of cost.

Can you drink beer on Wrightsville Beach?

Alcohol consumption is prohibited on this beach at all times throughout the year.

Is it safe to swim at Wrightsville Beach?

The ocean near Wrightsville Beach has moderate currents. Weak swimmers are advised not to enter the water.

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    All dogs are to be leashed if over 4 months. This is false….( All dogs are to be leashed).

    You must have a permit to own a dog. This is false…(All dogs and cats are to be Licensed with a valid Rabies Certificate. Animal Licenses are available at Town Hall for 10 dollars)

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