Dog Friendly Camber Sands Beach, East Sussex, UK 2024

Dogs are allowed on Camber Sands Beach in East Sussex. It’s one of the best Pet-Friendly Beaches in England. But there is a restriction for dog entry in a part of the beach from May to September—clear signboards showing the instructions to be followed there for guidance. 

Dog-friendly restaurants and residences are available near these beaches in the United Kingdom. Rentable Cottages, beach houses, and holiday apartments are present for recreation. The concerned authorities protect and maintain the beach areas with the required rules and regulations, ensuring people’s safety.

Dog-Friendly Camber Sands Beach, East  Sussex, UK
Dog-Friendly Camber Sands Beach, East Sussex, UK

Camber Sands Beach Dog Rules

  • Everyone must carry a valid Camber Sands dog license to get pet approval.
  • All dogs must be watched keenly by their owners from time to time.
  • People must carefully dispose of their pet’s waste with disposable waste bags.
  • Dogs are restricted in a part of the beach between May 1 and September 30.

How to reach Camber Sands Beach, East Sussex, England

By Train: To reach Camber Sands Beach, take a train from St.Pancras to Ashford International. Then, find a train at Ashford International that goes to Rye station.

After reaching Rye station, get a Wave 102 bus to Pontins; from there, it’s a few minutes walk to reach the destination. Overall, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the beach.  

By Car: It is a 90-minute journey from London to Rye through the A20 and M20. Then proceed with A259 from Rye to reach Camber Sands beach. 

Camber Sands Dog Beach
Camber Sands Dog Beach

About Dog-Friendly Camber Sands Beach, East Sussex, UK

Camber Sands is located on the East of the ancient town of Rye, having a beach over 2 miles. It is where the only dune system of East Sussex in the UK is found and is a natural habitat for many species of plants and animals. 

Camber is a sandy beach and a popular spot for water sports and kite surfing. Moreover, amazing horse rides and jet skis are available for entertainment. 

  • Parking: There are three car parking available. 1. Camber Central: TN31 7RH, 2. Old Lydd Road: TN31 7RH, 3.Western Car Park: TN31 7RB. All these parking areas offer services on a payable basis. RingGo service is accessible here, and you can pay for parking with your debit or credit card and the app. 
  • Things to do: Adventurous kite surfing, horse rides, and jet skis are there. Hasting’s Fishermen Museum is there to explore different artifacts on the lives of the fishermen. The Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is home to rare species like the Spangled button beetle and Camber castle. Hasting’s Aquarium has an underwater tunnel, creating a splendid experience for visitors with various fish, from sharks to reefs.
  • Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Many dog-friendly restaurants are here where you can dine with your dogs. Some include The Owl, Dunes Bar & Restaurant, William the Conqueror, and The Standard Inn.  
  • Rentals: Many sophisticated beach houses, cottages, holiday apartments, and homes are available for recreation and accommodation. Stowaway Beach House, Beside The Sea Holidays, Camber Sands Holiday Cottages, and Halfmoon Camber Sands are prominent spots.  
  • Beach Hours: The three car parks have different hours of operation. 
  •  Camber Central: Gates are locked till 8 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 
  •  Western Park: From Good Friday to the first Sunday of October- 8.30 AM – 8 PM.
  •  Coach Parking: 8.30 AM – 5 PM

Camber Sands Beach Rules

  • Gas-powered barbeques are only allowed on the beach.
  • Always beware of high tides and sand bars. 
  • People should avoid digging deep holes or tunnels in the sand
  • Wearing strong footwear is essential to keep away from the sting of weeverfish. 
  • People’s entry to the beach is restricted if lifeguards waive a red flag. 
  • Kitesurfing is allowed only in designated areas. 
  • Dog entry is restricted in the specified zones between 1 May to 30 September. 
  • Dogs are permitted in leashed conditions in the designated areas. 
Day Trip to Camber Sands East Sussex | Dog Beach Day
Are dogs allowed on Camber Sands beach?
Are dogs allowed on Camber Sands beach?


The sandy nature of the Camber Sands beach in East Sussex of the UK offers a good atmosphere for your dogs to play and enjoy. The authorities ensure hassle-free parking for people in the Camber Sands with three parking lots. Some entertainment ventures include jet skis, water sports, horse rides, and kite surfing.

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