Folly Beach Dog Rules, South Carolina 2023

Folly Beach is a famous dog-friendly beach in South Carolina. However, there are some restrictions everyone should abide by if they bring pets to the pet-friendly beach.

The beach offers a variety of enjoyable sports, including kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, biking, and surfing, as well as stunning scenery for mesmerizing photographs.

Folly Beach Dog Rules
Folly Beach Dog Rules

Folly Beach Dog Rules

  • Dogs are prohibited from 1st May to 30th September on this beach from 10 am to 6 pm. During this time, dogs are allowed only on a leash between 6 pm to 10 am.
  • Leashed dogs are permitted on the beach anytime from 1st October through 30th April. 
  • Animals should never be confined and unaccompanied in a vehicle.
  • On the island’s eastern side, near Old Coast Guard Station, dogs are not permitted at any time.
  • Pet owners should be careful about pet waste and dispose of rightly.
  • Members of FIDO may have unleashed dogs per FIDO membership regulations only.

Note:- Breaching these rules might be hit with a maximum $500 fine.

About Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina

Folly Beach in South Carolina is among the true-last beaches of America. It’s in close vicinity of downtown Charleston. The history of Folly beach comprises stories about pirates, soldiers, shipwrecks & dancing. After facing many hardships, the beach has transformed into a thriving community. This famous 12 sq mi barrier island attracts tourists throughout the year. Folly gives out a laid-back and funky vibe.

The beach is a mecca for fishermen, surfers, and beach lovers. Thousands of visitors visit Folly beach to enjoy live music, bars & restaurants, a beautiful pier, and other fun indulgences. Activities such as kayaking, fishing, sailing, surfing, paddle boarding, and photography are enjoyed on the beach.

Dog Friendly Things to do in Folly Beach

  • Enjoy walking & strolling along the fishing pier on Folly Beach.
  • Indulge in private sightseeing, cruise ride, testy wine, and sunset-watching with family.
  • Sail along the salt marshes on the barrier islands. 
  • Explore the restaurants in the city serving delicious seafood.
  • Enjoy picnics, outdoor showers, and relaxing swims at Folly Beach County Park. 
  • Take a tour of Magnolia Plantation & Garden and Charleston Water Taxi with your pet. 
  • Enjoy ghost tours conducted at Old Charleston.
  • Enjoy bird watching at Bird Key. Species like herons, pelicans, black skimmers, and gulls are glimpsed.
  • Indulge in water activities & sports such as kayaking, fishing, sailing, surfing, paddle boarding, para-gliding, windsurfing, and more. Lucky tourists also get to glimpse the endangered North Atlantic right whale. 
  • Enjoy food, booze, music, and entertainment at various events & festivals organized on the beach. The Sea and Sand Festival, FollyPalooza, Taste of Folly, etc., are famous events. 
  • Visit the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve and stroll amidst nature.

What time can dogs go on Folly Beach?

Leashed Dogs are permitted on the beach from 1st October to 30th April. From 1st May to 30th September, dogs are prohibited on the beach from 10 am to 6 pm. However, you can take dogs on the beach at other times of the day, but they must be on a leash.

Folly Beach Dog License

Dog licenses are available for residents of Folly Beach who have been living there for more than 30 days. Apply for licenses through the official website of Folly Beach, and renew the license annually. 

Folly Beach dog-friendly Hotels

Hotels providing pet-friendly atmospheres are Tides, Hotel Folly, Best Western Charleston Inn, Laa Quinta Inn, Hampton Inn, etc.

Are there any restrictions on Folly Beach?

Yes, though the beach is pet friendly, there are some rules and regulations to abide by if anyone wants to bring their pet on the beach. The rules have already been discussed above in detail.

What are some dog-friendly beaches of Charleston?

There are many dog-friendly beaches in Charleston, like Morris Island. Sullivan’s Island beaches, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms. Etc.

Is Charleston beaches dog friendly?

Though there are several beaches in Charleston, only some beaches are dog friendly. Dog-friendly beaches of Charleston are Morris Island. Sullivan’s Island beaches, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, etc.


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