8th Avenue Dog Beach Asbury Park, NJ 2024

8th Ave Dog Beach Asbury Park is a pet-friendly beach now open for locals to bring their pups for strolling. Summer is a great time to enjoy a beach day with pets. Of course, the owners have to follow the Asbury Park dog beach rules.

The canines must be on a leash up to 6 ft. long in this dog-friendly beach. If not leashed, owners must ensure that their pets show good manners. Pet owners must note that Asbury Park dog beach hours start from 06:00 pm till 08:30 am. 

This beach is one of the favorite New Jersey dog beaches, and the main attractions are the pet parks and retreats. People can enjoy sunny beach days with their pups. Afterward, they can head towards the town directly to grab a snack for themselves and their dogs. 

8th Ave Dog beach Asbury Park
8th Ave Dog Beach Asbury Park

Is entry to Asbury Park Dog Beach free?

  • Entry to Asbury Park Dog Beach is free for kids aged 12 or below, military personnel, and war veterans. Pets can accompany their owners for free. 

Asbury Park Entree Fees

  • The Asbury Park beach fee on weekdays is $6, and on weekends is $9. 
  • Seasonal passes for four seasons are available from the 7th Beach and the beach office. Visitors can also look for passes from the official webpage of the beach. 
  • The seasonal price for Asbury Park beach tickets is $70 for adults and $20 for senior citizens aged above 62 years. It is $20 for teens (13-17 years). 
  • Military personnel and war veterans don’t need seasonal passes. 
  • Kids aged 12 years or below can enter free of cost but need to be accompanied by adults. 
  • For Asbury Beach passes at a discount rate from the beach office, senior citizens and teens must show proper ID proof for their age. 
  • Seasonal passes are nonrefundable and nonreplaceable. 
  • The beach office is open from 10:00 am to 04:00 pm. Visitors need to use their credit cards for beach passes. 

Aubrey Park Safe Beach Time

Aubrey Park Dog Beach is open to the public from 09:00 am to 05 pm one weekday. On weekends it’s open from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm. Lifeguards, buoys, and other safety equipment are available during this time. The water is rough here, so visitors must follow the lifeguard’s instructions before swimming. People must watch for the “Safe Conditions Flag” for safe beach time. 

The Asbury Park Broadwalk policies are quite different than the beach. Pups are prohibited there from May 16th till September 14th during safe beach time. Canines and other pets are allowed from 06:00 pm to 08:30 am. From September 15th to May 15th, pups are permitted at all times. Pup owners must note that their dogs must be collared, licensed, leashed, and well manners. 

Different Amenities of Asbury Park Dog Beach

The Asbury Park Dog Beach is well-equipped. Restrooms with showers and drinking water refills are free for everyone. Beach chairs, umbrellas, lockers, and handicapped vehicles are available on rentals. Visitors should keep an eye on the official website of Asbury Park for information. 

Common Restrooms, Drinking Water Supply, Showers, and Water Fountains

Public restrooms are available on 1st, 4th, and 7th Avenue, Asbury Park Convention Hall, and Deal Lake Drive. The Convention hall bathrooms are open every day from 06:00 am to midnight. Showers are readily available at all beach entry points. Water fountains are situated on the Broadwalk. Drinking water refilling stations are at the 7th Avenue and Deal Lake Drive restrooms. 

Asbury Park Dog Beach Chair and Umbrella Rental

At Asbury Park, dog beach umbrellas and chairs are available for rental from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm till Labor Day. After that, it’s available on weekends only for rental.

Umbrella rental is dependent on weather forecasts. People can rent them from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th Avenue entry points on a first come, first served basis. The rental price for an umbrella or a chair is $15 on weekends and $10 on weekdays. 

Only a limited number of Handicapped chairs and waterwheel adoptive chairs are available at Asbury Park Dog Beach. Visitors must book online to ensure availability. 

Asbury Park Dog Beach Playground

The beach playgrounds are free for everyone. People can access the 2nd and 7th Avenue playgrounds even without a beach ticket. 

Asbury Park Dog Beach Locker

Public lockers at Asbury Park Dog Beach are in high demand. People have to wait almost five years to get one. Beach lockers are given only to seasonal pass holders on a first-come, first-serve basis. The rent is $225. Interested people must check the park’s official website for more details or email them. 

Different activities and events at the Dog-Friendly Asbury Park

People visit Asbury Park Dog Beach for fun activities like surfing, saltwater fishing, etc. Surfing is allowed between the jetties on Deal Lake Drive and 8th Avenue. Summertime is the best time for surfing. Different surfing clubs in New Jersey organize surf training camps there. Dates and times of surfing are updated on the park website. 

Asbury Park Beach is one of the oldest saltwater fishing spots in New Jersey. People registered with the New Jersey Saltwater Registry can come for fishing here anytime. However, fishing is prohibited in the bathing areas.

The beach is best for different game shows, parties, and events. People interested in organizing events here must contact the “Special Events Department of Asbury Park Dog Beach” for permits and other details. 

8th Avenue Dog Beach
8th Avenue Dog Beach

Asbury Park Beach and Broadwalk Regulations

The authorities have strict regulations for visitors and their pets. Violation of these can result in huge compensations. Visitors must remember that endangering others’ safety and comfort is banned in Asbury Park Dog Beach. It’s one of the best dog friendly beaches in New Jersey.

  • Usage of alcohol, cigars, and drugs is strictly prohibited here. People can face penalties in case of possession of any of these. 
  • Floating devices are not allowed in the sea. 
  • Broadwalk is for walking only. Bikes, skateboards, or rollerboards are prohibited here. Only handicapped vehicles are allowed. 
  • Kids wearing diapers must use tight waistbands for leak-proofing. Washing diapers with seawater is not permitted. 
  • People with gastrointestinal diseases must stay away from water. 
  • People must use the restroom before heading to the beach. 
  • In case of any accident, people must call the lifeguards. 
  • Visitors are not allowed on the beach during electrical storms. 
  • Fire on the Asbury Park Dog Beach during any event is prohibited without a fire permit. 

When are Dogs allowed on Asbury Park Dog Beach?

At any time, dogs and pets are allowed on the Asbury Park Dog Beach part of the Asbury Park Sea beach. The Park and beach authorities have different pet policies for summertime and other times of the year. Visitors need to follow them to avoid penalties. 

Asbury Park Dog Rules

From May 16th to September 14th

  • Pups are allowed in the Asbury Park Dog Beach from 06:00 pm to 08:30 am. Owners can enter from the Deal Lake Drive entry point or the north point of Fisherman’s Parking lot. They are not allowed to enter from the 8th Avenue entry point. 
  • Pups must be collared, licensed, and well manners. It is advised to use a leash of a maximum of 6ft for your pet. If the dog is well-mannered, owners can let them free here. 
  • Owners must clean up their pets after leaving the beach. In violation of this, they can be charged with $1000 compensation.
  • Pets are prohibited on the Boardwalk. 

During September 15th to May 15th

  • Dogs and pets are allowed on the beach and Boardwalk anytime during this time.
  • Dogs must be leased, collared, licensed, and well-mannered. 
  • Owners must clean their pets while leaving the beach.
  • Dog owners can enter from Deal Lake Drive or the Fisherman’s Parking Lot. 

Asbury Park Dog Beach Transportation

People can buy a special Beach Package of New Jersey Transit using the badges with the beach tickets at a discounted price. They can use each ticket whenever they buy a round-trip ticket from the rail station or the ticket vending machine. 

Visitors can check out the website of NJ Transit Rail and bus services for information on Asbury Park Dog Beach directions and ticket prices.

Clues To Have A Foolproof Doggy Day On The Beach

Before heading towards the beach with pets, owners must prepare themselves and their pups for the day. Dogs get super energetic and overexcited when they reach the beaches. It can ruin a perfect doggy day. Here are some tips for dog owners to help them have a good day on the beach with pups. 

  • Get information about all the local beaches nearby where pets are allowed. You should know the rules and regulations there to avoid any bad situation on the beach. 
  • Owners must pack all the essentials for their pets, like extra towels, dog food, enough fresh drinking water, dog shampoo, umbrellas, mats, toys, and sunscreen for owners and pups. It’s better to make a list before packing and follow it. 
  • Owners must take it slowly if the pup is visiting the beach for the first time. Seeing water for the first time in front of them can make them puzzled. Owners must introduce it slowly to understand the liking of the pup. It can either love the water or can avoid it. 
  • A leash should be beach day’s most important doggie essential. It is best to have a long leash for the pup. Leash it on the beach to avoid any endangering situation. If the dog is under the owner’s voice control, leashing is not needed. 
  • Owners must always stay with their pets and closely watch them to avoid problems. 
  • Last-minute checks are essential. Dog handlers must do it, too. They can be prohibited from the beach if they forget their license or collar band with dog ID. So always check your essentials before entering the beach.
  • In New Jersey, seawater is quite cold, even in the summertime. Pets can fall sick rapidly to Play in two different temperature zones.
  • Cold sea and the hot sun can cause heat stroke or hypothermia. Keep a close watch on your pet and check for unnatural, weird acts of pups. 
Asbury Park Dog Beach Walk around NY

Is Asbury Park boardwalk dog friendly?

Yes, Dogs are welcome on the beach and Boardwalk between 15th September to May 15th.


Being one of the most popular dog beaches, Asbury Park Dog Beach is famous in New Jersey. Pet handlers often visit this clean, pet-friendly beach to enjoy a relaxing day with their pups. 

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