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Belmar is a popular pet-friendly beach in New Jersey. Dog rules here must be followed at all times. This beach allows pets with a lease. The place is fun and relaxing for both adults & children. Enjoy a fun-filled day with friends & families. Just sit back and admire the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. 

The beach is a favorite go-to destination for everyone. It’s among the cleanest & well-maintained places in New Jersey. Finding pet-friendly culinary & accommodation options here is easy. There are multiple options for dog grooming and boarding nearby.  

Belmar Beach Dog Rules, NJ

  • Dogs are allowed on the beach from 1st October to 30th April.
  • Only licensed dogs are allowed on the beach under the control of their owners. 
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times. The leash can be a maximum of 6 feet.
  • Owners must clean up after their pets.
  • Dogs are prohibited from entering the boardwalk of Belmar Beach. 
Belmar Beach Pet Rules for Dogs, New Jersey
Belmar Beach Pet Rules for Dogs, New Jersey

Belmar Beach Dog Licensing 

Obtaining a license is mandatory to keep dogs in the borough of Belmar. Pets must wear their license badge at all times. Dogs that are seven months or older must be licensed. Owners can get their pets registered via municipalities. 

The license will expire each year on the 31st of January. Thus it must be renewed annually before the expiration date. While pets are outside the premises of their owners. They are prohibited from running freely without a leash.

How to reach Belmar Beach

  • By Air: The nearest airport to Belmar Beach is Newark Liberty International Airport.
  • By Train: The Belmar train station is between 10th and 8th Avenue. Belmar Beach is a 6 block walk from here. 

Dog-Friendly Belmar Beach – New Jersey

The Borough of Belmar is in Monmouth County, NJ. It’s a beautiful community rich in culture, beauty and charm. Oceanfront in Belmar is a paradise for vacationers. The beautiful sandy beaches stretch for over a mile. This place offers abundant recreational activities to visitors. 

Downtown Belmar attracts tons of visitors. They enjoy authentic Cajun, Mexican, Italian, and American cuisine. Many restaurants even offer side tables to enjoy the view. Shop hearty content at the specialty stores. Visit art galleries, chic boutiques, coffee houses, etc. 

Belmar Dog Beach, New Jersey
Belmar Dog Beach, New Jersey
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Maclearie Park and Allaire State Park
  • Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Hooked Cafe and Kaya’s Kitchen
  • Dog-Friendly Hotels: The Ocean View Inn and Hampton Inn Neptune/ Wall
  • Dog Boarding: Green Leaf Pet Resort Ocean and Purr’n Pooch Pet Resort
  • Things to do: Surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, fishing, kayaking, etc
  • Events: 3rd Annual Belmar Porchfest and Belmar Dine & Discover 16th Annual Restaurant Tour
  • Amenities: restrooms, bathrooms, blue mobility mats, foot showers, places to fill water bottles, charging point for cell phones, etc
  • Hours: The Belmar beach always remains open. 

Belmar Beach Rules and Regulations

  • Smoking is prohibited on the beach and boardwalk.
  • Lighting fire, cooking, and barbecuing are prohibited on the beach at any time. 
  • Visitors are barred from bringing alcohol and glass containers on the beach. 
  • Littering is strictly prohibited. Visitors are responsible for keeping the place clean.
  • Playing with balls and frisbee is only allowed in certain areas. 
  • Playing loud music or causing noise is prohibited. People are also barred from distributing or vending free samples and products.
  • Erecting tents is prohibited from Memorial Day till Labor Day. 

Belmar Beach Cam

Belmar Beach provides a live webcam facility to people. They offer live footage of this place at any time. Live surfing glimpses from 8th Avenue are the most popular. There are two cameras- “Belmar Beach Cam” and “Playa Bowls Belmar Beach Cam”. 

The beach cams offer real-time information on tidal conditions, wave conditions, storm coverage, water temperature, and local weather. Visitors enjoy beautiful views of the Jersey shoreline sitting at home.  

Belmar Beach Badges

Visitors require a badge before entering Belmar Beach. They must be compulsorily worn at all times. During weekdays, badges are required from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. Badges are required from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm on Fridays, weekends, and holidays. 

Entry for children under 13 years is free. Daily tags cost around $12 (approx). Seasonal tags are offered for $80 (approx). Entry for senior citizens with proper ID is $32 (approx). Daily badges are ordered online. Visitors show the QR and receive their wristbands. 

Belmar Beach Rentals

Belmar is a popular tourist destination. People from all over come here for vacation. There are many options for rentals in the town. It includes homes, cabins, private beach houses, and more. These are perfect for groups, families, and couples. 

Many offer additional amenities like a patio, grill, yard, lake view, private pools, etc. Visitors choose the best place in their budget. Rent charges for a night start from as low as $20 (approx) here.  

Belmar Beach Boardwalk

Belmar Beach Boardwalk is on Ocean Avenue. It runs from First Avenue to the twentieth. Both the beach and boardwalk remain open all year round. The mile-long boardwalk offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. There are many attractions, eateries, and shops along the stretch. 

The boardwalk is made of plastic fibres and wood. It’s perfect for walking, jogging, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful ocean. Additionally, there are well-maintained restrooms every few blocks. This also connects to Spring Lake Town, Asbury Park, and Avon-by-the-Sea.  

Belmar Beach Lockers

Belmar Beach offers locker rental facilities to visitors. They are 48 inches high and deep & 32 inches wide. Renters execute an agreement with the Belmar Borough. These storage lockers accommodate baby strollers, beach umbrellas, belly boards, and beach chairs. 

Visitors must provide their lock. The Borough confiscates leftover items. Rent for lockers must be paid annually. The facility is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Costs for lockers range from $150 to $200 (residents) and $200 to $259 (non-residents).  

Belmar Beach Parking

Parking is mostly free throughout Belmar Beach. However, fees must be paid at a few places like Eastern Ocean Avenue, North Blvd, Silver Lake, and Marina Grille. All paid zones (except Marina) are available from 1st May to 1st October. 

Free parking spaces for handicaps are along the boardwalk. Racks for resting down bikes are also available. Park Mobile App helps visitors to make contactless payments. Parking costs and timings from Zone 1 to Zone 6 vary.  

Belmar Beach Dog


Belmar Beach pet rules for dogs are easy to follow. It’s a famous vacation destination for both locals & tourists. Visitors relax and have fun with their furry friends. Enjoy strolling along the beautifully landscaped boardwalk. There are multiple culinary & shopping options in downtown.

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