9 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Alabama 2024

Several dog-friendly beaches in Alabama make vacations with pets more eventful. Dogs are man’s best friend and enjoy refreshing surroundings and pristine air. Playing and running are also beneficial for the overall health of dogs. Going on a holiday with fur babies is already exciting. The addition of a beach to this makes them all happy and content. 

All the dogs love beaches. The sandy shoreline is where they love to dig and play. Taking a dip in the water makes them cope with the heat and takes the exhaustion away from hours of running and playing. Most beaches have other activities that will be a new dog experience. These beaches are the perfect weekend gateway for both owners and pups.

Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in  Alabama
Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Alabama

1. Dauphin Island Public Beach – Dauphin Island, AL

The Public Beach in Dauphin Island is ideal for bringing furry friends. Adjacent to Red School House and the fishing pier, a few miles of white sandy stretches are perfect for strolling with the pets. Humans and pups love abundant loose white sand and clear, shallow waters. 

Dogs are allowed here year-round in leashed conditions all the time. The ferry rides also permit pets if they are restrained and well-mannered. There are many cabins and rentals available for longer stays. Dogs are prohibited in the western end as it is the nesting ground for various significant birds. Picnic tables, public showers, etc, are a few other amenities. 

Dauphin Island Public Beach
Dauphin Island Public Beach
  • Fees: $3 per person
  • Hours: Open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Address: 1501 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island, AL 36528

2. Dauphin Island East End Public Beach – AL

Dauphin Island East End Beach is another part of Dauphin Island. The loose white sugary sand and the unlimited stretch of blue clear water are ideal for relaxing time for pups and their human friends. It is located right next to the iconic Fort Gaines. The place is also accessible by the ferry. 

The beach has a calm and peaceful environment. So, watching the beautiful sunset with furry friends is mesmerizing. Pets are welcome while leashed all the time. Owners must clean up the waste of their paw buddies. Packing a lunch would be a good idea as only one cafe is nearby. 

Dauphin Island East End Beach
Dauphin Island East End Beach
  • Fees: None
  • Hours: Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Address: Fort Gaines, 51 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island, AL 36528

3. Orange Beach Waterfront Park –  Orange Beach, AL

Orange Beach is a popular tourist destination that tourists visit all year round. The picturesque scenic beauty and the pristine water of the Gulf of Mexico are loved by both pups and humans. It has several shades, seven picnic shelters, swings, climbing trees, and a fishing pier. Pups love to walk in the loose sand and take a dip in the water as well. 

This waterfront park allows leashed dogs; owners must pick up after their waste. They have several shades for the pets to rest in. Two separate fenced areas are there for small and big pups.

Orange Beach Waterfront Park al

There are multiple obstacles and training stations for them to play. Communal tennis balls, water dispensers, benches for humans, and many more amenities make this a must-visit Pets.    

  • Fees: None
  • Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Address: 27920 Canal Road, Orange Beach, AL 36561

4. Fort Morgan State Historic Site – Gulf Shores, AL

Fort Morgan is an iconic historic site located in Mobile Bay since 1834. This historical site played an important role during the American Civil War. The century-old mansion and the adjacent beach are great places to get fresh air. 

Pets are prohibited in the fort premises but allowed in designated spaces between Fort Morgan Pier and the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. The dogs must be leashed and well-behaved. Owners must clean up after their four-legged friends. 

Fort Morgan State Historic Site
Fort Morgan State Historic Site
  • Fees: For fort, $8 for adults, children of 6-12 years, and seniors $5, for a child under 6 is free to enter. The beach is publicly accessible. 
  • Hours: The Fort opens daily from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Beach opens always. 
  • Address: 110 AL-180, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

5. May Day Park – Daphne, AL

May Day Park is a renowned beach located on the eastern side of Mobile Bay in Daphne. It opened in 1887 and has become a popular festive site for over 60 years. About a quarter of a mile of sandy stretches is ideal for the pets to dig their paws and stretch. The presence of grass patches, a paved boardwalk through trees, and beach access along the pier are loved by all. However, owners should keep a keen eye on snakes and alligators. 

Dogs are allowed along the beach area while leashed, but female dogs in heat are prohibited. The beach has several restrooms, outdoor showers, and shade pavilion. It offers kayaking, canoe access, sunbathing, and paddleboarding. The park has picnic spots and playgrounds for families and pups to enjoy.

May Day Park beach
May Day Park beach
  • Fees: None
  • Hours: Opens daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
  • Address: College Ave, Daphne, AL 36526

6. The Dog Pond at Lake Shelby in Gulf State Park – Gulf Shores, AL

The Dog Pond is one of the most famous spots located in Gulf State Park. 

This picnic spot has abundant grass and many trees to provide shade. It is just beside Lake Shelby and provides unlimited access to the tranquil water.  

The dogs must be leashed while entering and before leaving the park area. But once inside, they can roam leash-free. They provide plastic bags to pick up the waste. The park offers dog agility instruments installed in the park. Benches and picnic tables are available in the park area for the owners. 

  • Fees: None
  • Hours: Opens daily from 8 a.m. till sunset. 
  • Address: 20115 State Hwy. 135 Gulf Shores, AL 36542

7. Pirate’s Cove – Elberta, AL

Pirate’s Cove is a famous location found on the north shore of Arnica Bay. This pirate-themed dog-friendly restaurant offers unlimited access to a beach that allows dogs. It has a marina to be accessible by the Gulf and their pets. They have a resort cabin where the pups can also stay.

 The pets must be leashed at all times. It has a public boat ride where pups are allowed. A broad shoreline is where dogs can play fetch or stretch their muscles. Swimming with the dogs is a bonus here. The restaurant has delectable American fare for the owners to enjoy.

Pirates Cove in Elberta
Pirates Cove in Elberta
  • Fees: As per food order
  • Hours: Opens Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Address: 6664 Co Rd 95, Elberta, AL 36530

8. Graham Creek Nature Preserve – Foley, AL

Graham Creek Nature Preserve is an expansive 500-acre land home to numerous wildlife and plants. Multiple hiking trails lead to a dog-friendly beach. The luscious pine savannah, bottomland wetlands, mixed forests, wildflowers, and pitchers are added features of this preserve. 

The sandy shore of Wolf Bay provides off-leash fun for the dogs. However, they must be leashed while walking on the trail to protect wildlife. Else, canoes and kayaks can be rented to travel with the pets. There are several creeks for the dog to soak in and play. It also has a 7.5-mile bicycle trail, 3-mile cross-country trails, picnic benches, etc.

Graham Creek Nature Preserve
Graham Creek Nature Preserve
  • Fees: None
  • Hours: Daily from dawn to dusk.
  • Address: 23030 Wolf Bay Dr, Foley, AL 36535

9. River Sandbar Park – Daleville, AL

River Sandbar Park is a beach famous amongst dog owners. The fur babies love to play in the wide stretch of sand. The crystal-clear water is ideal for the pups to swim in. It has a wheelchair-accessible entry. 

Dogs are allowed to play and take a dip in to relax. Owners must be careful as there is no lifeguard here. Dog’s waste should be cleaned up right after. Along the Choctawhatchee River, plenty of trees provide shade from the sun’s scorching heat.

  • Fees: None
  • Hours: Daily from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Address: 1516 AL-92, Daleville, AL 36322

Dog-Friendly Beaches Near You

Dog Friendly Beaches in Alabama
Dog Friendly Beaches in Alabama

Are dogs allowed on beaches in Gulf Shores, AL?

Pets are strictly prohibited on any public beaches of Gulf Shores, including Gulf Place. However, the Gulf Shores Dog Park allows dogs.


These above-mentioned dog-friendly beaches in Alabama are the perfect weekend destinations. Every pet needs fresh air; these beaches provide a stress-free, relaxing environment. Besides, vacationing tends to help the owners and fur babies to bond more. There are other amenities and activities for both owners and pups. Visit one of these spots and give the dogs an exciting holiday.

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