Port Aransas Beach Dog Rules, Texas | New Laws 2024

Port Aransas Beach dog rules allow leashed pets on the sandy shores. Their pet-friendly policies are easy to follow. The authorities have set some laws for the safety of pets and other beachgoers. Owners should follow these rules to enjoy a nice vacation.

This dog-friendly Beach in Texas has a variety of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and vacation homes for selection. Bring your furry friends to enjoy the waves, sun, and the soothing sand. Dogs can join their owners in Kayaks and boats to explore the sea. 

Port Aransas Beach Dog Rules, TX

  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • The leash length can be a maximum of 10 feet long.
  • Owners should clean up after their dogs.
  • Bring water for your pets when traveling to the beach.
  • The identifying tag should be attached to the collar.
Port Aransas Beach Dog Rules, Texas
Port Aransas Beach Dog Rules, Texas

Port Aransas Beach Dog Licensing

Dog owners must obtain a license from the city council for a fee. This license is valid from the day of purchase till May 1st of any year. Dogs must wear a metal or plastic tag displaying all the information. Owners must vaccinate their dogs against rabies with a valid vaccination. The vaccine is valid for three years. 

How To Reach Port Aransas

  • By Ferry: The Texas Department of Transportation operates the ferry in Port Aransas. They provide service year-round. It is a ten-minute ride. The ferry can carry passenger vehicles. 
  • By Road: If you are coming from Highway 361, cross the Harbour Bridge from Corpus Christi. 
  • By Bus: The city offers three routes from Corpus Christi and back. The routes are – Flexi B (Route 90), Padre Island Connection (Route 65), and Port Aransas Express (Route 95). 
  • By Air: The nearest airport to Port Aransas is Corpus Christi International Airport (approximately 40.8 miles). The Mustang Beach airport has 3,500 feet of asphalt runaway and part-time airport manager. 
  • On The Island: Visitors can rent a golf cart or jeep to get around on the island and travel to the beach.

About Dog-Friendly Port Aransas Beach, TX

Port Aransas Beach is 6.3 miles long in the Gulf of Mexico. This oceanic beauty is perfect for driving on the sand. Beachgoers can enjoy camping on the shoreline. RV camping, tent, or pop-up is also allowed here. Owners can take their dogs to Port Aransas Dog Park. Here, dogs of all sizes are welcome. 

Port Aransas has a fantastic art centre showcasing great artists’ work. The museum helps visitors in understanding the history of the town. There is a natural freshwater pond in Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond. Tourists can explore marshes in Wetland Park.

Visitors to the beach can rent chairs, umbrellas, and other equipment to enjoy their vacation. People can rent golf carts to drive on the sand. There are six-seater and eight-seater golf carts available. 

  • Amenities: Restroom, Showers, Picnic tables
  • Things To Do: Swimming, surfing, paddleboarding
  • Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Lelo’s Island Bar, Castaway’s Seafood & Grill
  • Dog-Friendly Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Port Aransas, The Island Hotel
  • Dog-Friendly Rentals: AvantStay X Sway, Port A Escapes
  • Dog Boarding: Mindful Canines of Texas
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Port Aransas Art Center, Port Aransas Museum, Wetland Park, Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond, Port Aransas Dog Park
Port Aransas Beach
Port Aransas Beach, Texas

Port Aransas Beach Parking

Parking on the Aransas beach requires a $12 annual permit. Purchase this sticker from City Hall, Family Centre IGA grocery stores, convenience stores, and local beach vendors. These stickers are valid from January 1st to December 31st. 

Vehicles can be parked from Marker D near the Horace Caldwell Pier to Port Aransas Beach to the Kleberg County line. Permits are valid from January 1st to December 31st. Free Parking is available from Jetties and Marker D to Mile Marker 52-58

Driving on the Port Aransas Beach

Vehicles on the sand must maintain a speed limit of 15 mph. Drivers should have a valid license and follow the rules accordingly. From South Jetty to mile marker 19, bollards are placed throughout. Bollards separate the beach from the driving lane. 

Always drive outside the poles. Driving inside is only allowed north of the pier to the county section. Poles with red tape are not a parking zone. Bollards with blue tape mean there is a handicap-accessible bathroom available. 

Port Aransas Beach Rules And Regulations

  • Glass bottles are forbidden on the sand. 
  • Fires in the size 3×3 are allowed on the beach.
  • Beachgoers should avoid disturbing and feeding the wildlife. 
  • Drive on the designated pathway away from the bollards.
  • People can camp on the premises of Port Aransas Beach.
  • Driving on the dunes is prohibited. 
Port Aransas Beach, Texas Dogs & Waves


Port Aransas Beach dog rules have made vacation easier for pet owners. This pet-friendly beach has set policies and laws regarding pups on the sand. The place is family-friendly with all its activities. Owners can stroll the sand with their dogs, watch sunsets and relax. Dogs and their owners can collect seashells from this coastal beauty. 

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