Dog-Friendly South Beach, Staten Island, New York

Playing on the sand with furry friends is the most memorable summer retreat. There are many dog-friendly beaches in New York. Among them, the most popular is South Beach. This pet-friendly beach lays down a few dog rules and policies. Violation of laws attracts penalties & fines. Pets even enjoy off-leash at designated areas and dog runs. 

The beach offers much more than just swimming and fishing. Visitors enjoy both modern and traditional beach activities here. Even our furry friends get to enjoy a little adventure and thrill. South Beach’s close proximity to many dog-friendly hotels and restaurants makes it popular. Options for good dog boarders and groomers are also available.  

South Beach Dog Rules, New York

  • South Beach allows leashed dogs on the boardwalk & promenade. 
  • At the South Beach Park off-leash area, dogs can enjoy freely without any leash. 
  • During the beach season, pets (except service animals) are prohibited from entering. 
  • Entry for dogs at any bathing facility is barred from 01st May till 01st October. 
  • Pets must be respectful towards other beachgoers. They are prohibited from chasing or running after other beach wildlife. 
  • Dog owners are responsible for keeping the beach clean. Pet waste must be thrown away in appropriate dustbins provided on the beach. 
Dog-Friendly South Beach, Staten Island, NY
Dog-Friendly South Beach, Staten Island, NY

South Beach Dog Licensing

New York City mandates licensing for keeping or harboring dogs. Residents must compulsorily register dogs above 6 months or with permanent teeth. These licenses are attached to the dog’s collar. Only licensed dogs get entry into South Beach, NY. Generally, registration remains valid for one year. However, a five-year valid registration is also available. 

A proof of rabies vaccination by a certified veterinarian is required for licensing. This vaccination must last at least 10 months of the registration period. Violation of laws attracts penalties and fines. License applications are available from animal shelters, veterinarians, and pet shops. Alternatively, people download it from NYC’s health department website. 

How to reach South Beach, NY

  • By Air: The nearest airports to South Beach, NY, are Newark (EWR) Airport (9.2 miles away) and New York (JFK) Airport (16 miles away). 
  • By Bus: MTA Bus services operate a daily bus from New York to South Beach. A direct bus is available from Broadway/Morris St. Visitors reach Hylan Blvd/Burgher Ave and go to the beach. Buses are available at 15-minute intervals. The journey takes 24 minutes (approx). 
  • By Subway: Visitors take a subway from 86th Street. They reach Hylan Blvd/Burgher Ave and reach South Beach. This journey takes about half an hour. 
  • By Road: Taking a taxi is the fastest and cheapest method to visit South Beach. Charges range between $75 to $90. The journey takes around half an hour. Alternatively, visitors can also self-drive towards the beach. 

About Dog-Friendly South Beach – NY

South Beach is along the eastern shore of Staten Island. This coastal neighborhood is a part of four beachfront areas in New York. The beach has an amusement park and a fishing pier. There is also a distinct area for senior citizens. The main attraction of South Beach is the popular “Dolphin Fountain”. Thousands of visitors from all over visit this place each year. 

The beach has beautiful orange-colored sand. Earlier, it was used as a refuge against NYC’s confinement & congestion. This dog-friendly beach has a separate off-leash pet area. Here, dogs run, play, exercise, and stroll around freely. South Beach features a beautiful 2.5-mile-long boardwalk. Visitors enjoy glimpsing the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Verrazano Bridge. 

  • Parking: 446-464 Father Capodanno Blvd Parking and Ferry Terminal South
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Fountain of the Dolphins and Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden
  • Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Barking Dog and Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn
  • Dog-Friendly Hotels: Hilton Garden Inn New York/Staten Island and Red Roof PLUS+ Newark Liberty Airport – Carteret
  • Dog Boarding: Camp Ruff Ruff and 4 Paws Only
  • Events: Runway Renaissance: A NYC Fashion Show and Friday Night Live After Work
  • Things to do: Sunbathing, jogging, kayaking, swimming, fishing, playing tennis, etc 
  • Rental Providers: EWC Property Management and Dome Property Management, Inc.
  • Amenities: Wheelchair accessibility, beach mats, concession stands, mobile charging stations, skate & bicycle paths, Wi-Fi hotspots, public restrooms, spray showers, etc 
  • Beach Hours: All days of the week from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
South Beach rules, Staten Island, NY
South Beach rules, Staten Island, NY

South Beach Park Off-Leash Area

New York City has many dog runs and off-leash pet areas. These places are heaven for pets & owners. Dog runs are well-fenced large areas for dogs. Here, pets enjoy freely without a leash during stated hours. Similarly, off-leash areas are places that allow pets to be free. Dogs are allowed to run freely, play in the sand, exercise, etc. 

South Beach Park also has a designated off-leash area for pets. The area allows dogs without a leash on sand from after Labor Day till Memorial Day. Here, dogs get to be leash-free from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm. Owners must at all times directly control and supervise their pets. Dogs are also prohibited from disturbing other birds & animals. 

South Beach, NY Fireworks

South Beach is a popular destination on Staten Island. This beach organizes events, family fun nights, and concerts to attract visitors. The most popular attraction here is the weekly fireworks.

Visitors enjoy an unforgettable night with family and friends. The time and date of the fireworks show depend upon weather conditions & forecasts. A concert or other events generally follow the show. Tickets are available to book online. 

South Beach Boardwalk, NY

Staten Island’s South Beach features a beautiful boardwalk. It’s popularly known as “Franklin D Roosevelt Boardwalk”. This 2.5-mile-long walkway is maintained by NYC’s Department of Parks and Recreation. The boardwalk is much more than a pedestrian path. It signifies an important essence of the NYC community. 

Visitors enjoy mesmerizing views of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge and the Atlantic Ocean. The South Beach Boardwalk is perfect for jogging, walking, relaxing, or sitting. It’s a vibrant activity center in New York City. A variety of annual events for locals & tourists to enjoy are organized. Musical performances and marathons are among the most popular activities enjoyed here. 

South Beach Rules and Regulations

  • Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in South Beach, NY.
  • Lighting open flames and barbecuing are only allowed at destination areas of South Beach, NY.
  • Jet skiing, standup paddle boarding, camping, and erecting tents and other shelters are prohibited on the beach.
  • Kayaking, finning, rafting, snorkeling, unauthorized watercrafting, and other floating devices are barred from South Beach.
  • Fishing in swimming areas and climbing and walking on jetties are prohibited. 
  • Visitors must act responsibly and be courteous to each other. It’s their responsibility to keep the beach clean and beautiful. 
  • Events or demonstrations involving more than 20 people are only allowed with prior permission. Vending of goods also requires a prior permit. 
  • Any glass containers or vessels are prohibited on South Beach and the boardwalk. 
South Beach | Staten Island, New York City


New York City’s most popular dog-friendly spot is South Beach. This pet-friendly destination is a paradise for dog owners. It’s a vibrant coastal neighborhood in Staten Island. The beach is known for its diverse community, recreational activities, and beautiful shoreline. Pets and owners have a gala time on sand and water.

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